Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Dress up for an Interview [Both Men and Women]

Dressing sense displays the behavior of the Candidate, it is the first impression. So Dressing Sense also plays most important role in facing an interview. The main points to care about dressing of both Men and Women in Facing an Interview is given below:

For Men

Shirt: White is the best color for shirts, color is also suitable for our Indian hot weather. Other Good colors are pale shades, blue, and other light color, light color shades.

Shirt is must be a Long Sleeved, Never wear a short sleeved-shirt, it will destroy your executive image.

Tuck in the shirt and do not fold the sleeves.

Tie: Tie is Optional one. But if you do wear one is good, choose a solid color, diagonal stripes, dotted, dark colors ties are good.

Belt: Belts should match your shoes.

Shoes: Black, Brown color shoes are best.

Socks: Socks match color of Pants, Black socks are the best, other suitable colors are blue or gray. Never use white socks. Wear full length socks, to cover skin of your legs when you sit down.

Hair: Keep neat, short, of your hair, and shave facial hair.

Jewellery: Wear no jewellery or only small little jewellery is best. The watch and ring are the only acceptable for male candidates. Thin gold or leather-belt watches look good but not use digital watches. Also, avoid political or religious jewellery items like neck chains or bracelets. Do not show any tattoos in your body.

Carry Items: Use leather folders are thin briefcase to hold copies of your resume if possible.

For Women

Women's can take more care on dressing, they can keep in mind of the company dress code.

Dress: Keep in mind the dress code of the company, Wear Indian formals, don't use fashion wear. Avoid t-shirt and jeans, you cannot make a good first impression wearing them.

Indian formals: Plain, non-embellished cotton sarees in pastel colors or black/navy. The Blouse must have a high neckline or stand collar. No backless and No sleeveless. Three fourth or full sleeves are most preferable. The same holds good for the salwar kameez also. A neatly pinned dupatta will add charm.

Shoes:Dark colors shoes are best. Do not use very high heels.

Hair: Professional hairstyle is best. Do not use big hair ornaments. Avoid trendy hair styles. Don't fall your hair in front of face and don't try to fix it during interview.

Make-up: Less makeup is best. Light color nail polish is best, for lipstick also use light color.

Jewellery:No arms with full of bracelets. No jewelry is better than cheap jewelry. Use simple jewellery like thin necklace, pendant with thin chain, bracelet. Do not use fashion jewellery, Do not use noisy jeweleries, those make sound when you walk.

Accessories: A leather folder or leather handbag in normal colors is best. You can even carry it with an ethnic outfit.